Former Cricketers Said That Such A Ball Should Never Be Overlooked In This Phase Of Technology

Former Cricketers Said That Such A Ball Should Never Be Overlooked In This Phase Of Technology

RCB vs Mi

Mumbai Indians defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 runs in the 7th match of IPL-12 on Thursday. For Bengaluru, they needed 7 runs on the last ball of the match to win. AB de Villiers was on strike and Lasith Malinga had a ball in hand. Malinga threw the ball, his leg was very out of the crease. Despite this, the umpire did not give it a no-ball and Mumbai’s victory was stamped.

Bangalore’s captain and Mumbai Indians captain was also very angry with this decision by the umpire. Apart from these, many former cricketers were also upset with the decision of field umpire. Former cricketers say that despite such a modern technique being available, such a no-ball should not be overlooked. Social media users also got very angry on umpire Sundaram Ravi.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan tweeted, “Despite the age of such technology and constant monitoring, no balls should never be missed.”

Kevin Pietersen, another former England captain, tweeted, “The technology which is living in us in the world, this should not happen. The end of the story!”

Captain Faf du Plessis, captain of the South African team, believes that third umpires should also play their part in such cases. He tweeted, “The technique should be used more and more times in cricket. Many front foot no-balls are exhausted all the time. Only the batter’s check is done whether he is out or not. The third umpire should tell the field umpire that a no ball has been dropped.

Commentator and former cricketer Akash Chopra wrote, “Malinga’s last ball was no-ball. The big case is the umpire missed it. A heavy mistake cannot believe.”

Akash has raised this issue even in 2013. He then cited the match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab, saying, “In the event of a batsman being dismissed, the field umpire case seeks advice from the third umpire. If the umpires often miss such a no-ball then why not use the technique should be allowed.”

Former cricketer Deep Das Gupta said, “It is a shame that the end of such a wonderful game happened with a dispute. This is my side.”

The World’s Most Successful Olympic Athlete Reached To Watch IPL Matches, People Do Not Even Know

The World’s Most Successful Olympic Athlete Reached To Watch IPL Matches, People Do Not Even Know

michael phelps

One of the world’s greatest swimmers and most successful Olympian athlete is in India these days. He has come to India for a promotional program. During this time on Tuesday (March 26th), he reached Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla ground, where the match was played between Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings in the IPL tournament. This match was won by the Chennai team by 6 wickets. Phelps enjoyed the match for a while staying in the stadium. This was the first time when they saw a match. However, due to the lack of popularity in India, most of the people present there could not recognize them.

Phelps is called Flying Fish:

  • Explaining this, a BCCI official told that “Phelps had never seen a cricket match, in such a way that it was the best opportunity to enjoy India’s most popular sport. He came here as a guest of the Delhi Capitals team, who invited him with the help of his sponsor.
  • This is the first India visit of the 33-year-old athlete in Baltimore, USA. He reached the stadium after the start of the match and he watched the match for about an hour. However, it is not known how much he enjoyed seeing this match.
  • Let’s say that Phelps has 28 Olympic medals, 23 of which are Gold Medal. With 28 medals, he is the world’s highest Olympic medal athlete Apart from this, he is also the highest gold medal (23) winning athlete. Due to their tremendous swim record, they are also called ‘flying fish’.
  • IPL shared the photo on its official Twitter account, ‘Flying Fish’.

Chennai beat Delhi:

  • Chennai Super Kings defeated Delhi Capitals by six wickets in their second match of IPL-12 In the match, Delhi first scored 147 runs on 6 wickets. In reply, Chennai achieved the target by losing four wickets in 19.4 overs.
  • Chennai defeated Overall Delhi 13th time With this, the Chennai team has become the fourth team to defeat Delhi in most matches. Punjab, Kolkata, and Bengaluru also defeated Delhi 13-13 times.
  • Shane Watson player of the match selected for 44 runs for Chennai in the match. In his bowling ball he made 4 fours and three sixes. With this, his 3221 runs were also completed in the tournament. Now 13 batsmen have scored more than 3200 runs.

Sachin Said About His Son – If He Fails, Does Not Matter, There Is Always A Chance.

Sachin Said About His Son – If He Fails, Does Not Matter, There Is Always A Chance.

arjun tendulkar

‘s son will play in Mumbai’s T20 league. With the name associated with Sachin, Arjun is constantly in the public eye. There is pressure to perform better on him. On this, Sachin said: “If Arjun is not successful, then no matter what. There is always a chance. He will return strongly. There is a better chance for Arjun in the T20 tournament.

Arjun played against Sri Lanka in two Tests:

The 19-year-old Arjun played two tests for the Indian Under-19 team. His performance was simple during this period. He scored a total of 14 runs against Sri Lanka. Left-arm fast bowler Arjun can only take three wickets.

Sachin said, “There is nothing definite in the game, so take advantage of the opportunity you get. Give your best, this is a place where people keep an eye on your performance. One day you will be on top.”

Sachin said, “For how long he is devoted to and loves this sport which is important to me. The Mumbai T20 League has always given opportunities to youngsters to reach the IPL.”

Some Fun Facts About Cricket

Some Fun Facts About Cricket

There is no doubt that is not just a sport in India but it is just like a religion. Whether it is a child or elder everyone is crazy about this sport. Let’s know some fun facts about this game.


  • Cricket’s first Test match was played between Australia and England. This match was played on Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground on 15 March 1877.
  • The first ODI match of cricket was played between Australia and England in 1971.
  • Australia’s batsman Charlie Bannerman was the first batsman in the world to score a century in the Test match. He made the first century of Test cricket in 1877.
  • The first run of international cricket was made by Australian team batsman Charles Bannerman.
  • Sachin Tendulkar is the first player in the world to be given out for the first time by the third umpire.
  • Chris Gayle is the only batsman in the world who has hit six on the first ball of Test cricket.
  • Saif Ali Khan’s Dada Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi is the only player who has played Test matches from two countries. He has played a Test match from both the teams of India and England.
  • England batsman Alec Stewart was born on 8-4-63 and he scored 8463 runs in his Test match career.
  • Virender Sehwag’s highest score is 119 (ipl), 219 and 319 in the T20, ODI and Test match.
  • The interesting fact associated with India’s bowler Ishant Sharma. In the 21st century, the three batsmen who scored the most runs against India, Ishant Sharma left the match. These three batsmen – Alastair Cook (scores 294), Michael Clarke (scores 329) and Brendon McCullum (scores 302).
  • Sri Lanka’s allrounder Sanath Jayasuriya has taken more wickets than Shane Warne in one day cricket.
  • Sourav Ganguly is the only cricketer to win the Man of the Match award four times in 4 matches.
  • Rahul Dravid (runs) + Zaheer Khan (wickets) = Jacques Kallis (runs + wickets).
  • Chris Martin and S Chandrasekhar are two world-class players who have scored more runs than Runo in their entire Test career.
    Martin – 71 Tests – 123 runs – 233 wickets Chandrasekhar – 167 runs – 242 wickets
  • England’s player Wilfred Rhodes has scored 4,204 wickets in first-class cricket and 39, 969 runs.
  • Inzamam Ul Haq is the first Pakistani who took a wicket on the first ball of his career.
  • Don Bradman had only 6 sixes in his career.
  • Pakistan’s star spinner Saeed Ajmal has won many matches in Pakistan but he has not got man of the match award yet.
  • To date, the biggest coincidence (history) of cricket history occurred when South Africa needed 111 runs on 11/11/11 at 11/11, and one wicket was lost.
  • Australia defeated England by 45 runs in 1877 for the first time in Melbourne Cricket Ground. Just 100 years later, on the same ground in 1977, Australia defeated England by 45 runs.
  • India is the only team that has won the World Cup of 60 overs, 50 overs, and 20 overs.
    60 over – 1983 50 over – 2011 20 over – 2007
  • VVS Laxman is the only player who has played more than 100 Test matches but never played a World Cup match.

In The Third ODI, The Indian Team Wore The Army Cap The To Give Homage To Martyrs, Pakistani Minister Got Angry And Said It Is Against The Game Spirit.

In The Third ODI, The Indian Team Wore The Army Cap The To Give Homage To Martyrs, Pakistani Minister Got Angry And Said It Is Against The Game Spirit.

indian team with army cap

Before the third ODI against Australia in Ranchi, Team India gave tribute to the soldiers killed in the , and in the honor of the security forces, they also imposed an army cap. A Pakistani minister has been severely disturbed by this and has accused the team by blaming of involving politics in and complained to the . At the same time, the Pakistani minister also threatened to register his protest by wearing a black band from his country team.

The third ODI between India and Australia was played on Friday (March 8th) in Ranchi. Prior to this match, the Indian team gave homage to the soldiers who had been killed in the Pulwama terror attack and wore an Army cap in their honor.

Pakistan has been disturbed by giving homage to the martyrs of Indian sportsmen. Information and Broadcasting Minister said that the ICC should take action against India in this matter.

According to Chaudhry, while playing by wearing an Army cap, Team India politicized the Gentlemen’s game (games of gentlemen) and tried to disturb it. Which should not be accepted at all.

While making a tweet, Chaudhary said that the Pakistan Cricket Board officially complained about this matter to ICC. He wrote, “This is not just cricket, I hope the ICC will definitely take action against the politics of the game.”

He further wrote, “If the Indian team did so further, then the Pakistani team should also be told about the atrocities committed by India in Kashmir by playing a black bar. I appeal to the to register their protest in this matter officially.”


Test Cricket Is The First Choice Of 86% Of Audiences, Believe This Is Best Format Of The Game

Test Cricket Is The First Choice Of 86% Of Audiences, Believe This Is Best Format Of The Game

test cricket

Although T20 has increased throughout the world, still remains the first choice of 86% cricket fans around the world. These results have come out of a recent survey by the 232-year-old London-based Maryland Cricket Club (MCC). MCC is involved in deciding the rules related to sports in the International Cricket Council (ICC).

MCC conducted MCC test survey on more than 13 thousand people from 100 countries. As a result, 86% of the people still considered their priority to watch Test cricket and considered it the best form of cricket. Mike Gatting, president of the MCC World Cricket Committee, said that there is tremendous demand from day-night Test matches from Asian countries.

Kumar Sangakkara, also a former cricketer in the committee, said, “I was not surprised at this conclusion. Test cricket has always been the best format of the game. Its popularity remains intact.” The MCC committee includes former cricketers Sourav Ganguly, Ricky Ponting, and Shane Warne.

To increase the popularity of Test cricket, 3 solutions came out of the survey. First – Reduce the price of the tickets for the test, so that people can easily watch the match with the family. Second – Increasing the test’s free-to-air TV broadcasts. Third- Applying Half-Day Ticket System for Test Match.

Dhoni Said In A Documentary Of Chennai SuperKings – Match Fixing Is A Bigger Offense Than Murder

Dhoni Said In A Documentary Of Chennai SuperKings – Match Fixing Is A Bigger Offense Than Murder

Chennai Superkings had returned two years later in the last season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Two years of suspension were imposed on the team due to allegations of match-fixing. In the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the team won the IPL title for the third time. A documentary ‘Row of the Lion’ has been made on the journey from Chennai to suspension. In his 45-second trailer, the captain of the team said Dhoni- the biggest crime for him will not be murder but will be match-fixing.

In the trailer, Dhoni said, “The team was involved in match-fixing, there were allegations against me too. It was a tough time for all of us. The return was an emotional moment and I have always said that whatever you do not die from, it makes you stronger. ” The documentary will be released on Hotstar on March 20.

In 2013, the role of management of Chennai and Rajasthan Royals in the spot-fixing controversy was considered suspicious. After this, the two teams were suspended for the two years together in July 2015. Rajasthan’s owner Raj Kundra and Chennai CEO Gurunath Meiyappan were given life-long bans. Rajasthan and Chennai were replaced in 2016 and 2017 by Gujarat Lions and Pune Supergiants teams in the tournament.

Sanjay Bangar Told About What Makes Virat Kohli The Most Special?

Sanjay Bangar Told About What Makes Virat Kohli The Most Special?

virat kohli

Assistant coach of Sanjay Bangar believes that in order to consistently perform well, the captain has raised the level of his game so many times that the performance of his fellow players is not particularly special. Kohli scored 123 runs in 95 balls in the third one-day against Australia, but India lost by 32 runs.

Kohli has scored two centuries and a score of more than 40 in the series against Australia. Bangar said, “It is not that we are dependent on the same player but Virat has raised the level of his game so that many times others do not even look good.” Asked what makes Kohli special, Bangar said that he is constantly trying to perform well.

He said, ‘He is constantly trying to improve his performance and do it regularly. That is why the level of his game is so high. Kohli’s performance in the pursuit of a big goal has been excellent. Bangar said, “When he was batting, it seemed that we would achieve the goal. Winning toss also chose to field, so that the aspect of the dew was in the mind.”

He said, “The fielders said this because yesterday was very dew but it was not so in this match. The goal was getting difficult to achieve. If Virat would have played for more time and we do not come under pressure.”

Cricket Is Included In 2022 Asiad, Men’s And Women’s T20 Matches.

Cricket Is Included In 2022 Asiad, Men’s And Women’s T20 Matches.

Indian olympic association

will also be played in 2022 . The 19th Asian Games will take place from September 10, 2022 to 25 September 2022 in Hangzhou, the capital of Yixing Province of China. Indian Olympic Association (IOA) general secretary Rajiv Mehta has given this information. Hangzhou is the third city in China, where Asian Games will be. Earlier in 1990 in Beijing and in 2010 in Guangzhou Asian Games were played.

According to Rajiv Mehta, matches of male and female T20 cricket will be played in 2022 . In this regard, IOA will write a letter to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). There have been two cricket competitions in the Asian Games so far, both men and women teams of India did not participate.

Cricket matches for the third time in the Asiad:

Men’s and women’s cricket events were held in Guangzhou in 2010 and in Incheon Asiad in 2014. In 2010, Bangladesh won men’s and Pakistan’s women’s title. Right in 2014, Sri Lanka’s men and Pakistan women’s team became champion.

11 teams participated in 2010:

Men and women from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nepal and Maldives and Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, China, Nepal, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia women’s cricket teams participated in the 2010 Asiad.

13 cricket teams participated in 2014:

Women’s teams from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, China and Maldives and Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea have participated in 2014 Asiad.


BCCI Lokpal Says COA Did Not Transfer Rahul-Pandya Case To Me.

BCCI Lokpal Says COA Did Not Transfer Rahul-Pandya Case To Me.

kl rahul and hardik pandya

BCC Lokpal DK Jain has said that the Committee of Administration (COA) has not yet transferred the case of and . DK Jain was appointed by the Supreme Court as the ‘s Lokpal last month. He has been tasked to solve the internal affairs of the board. Jain said, “I have not taken any cognizance in any case so far. If the COA reports to me, then I will interfere.”

Rahul and Pandya are accused of making objectionable comments on a chat show. As a result, the BCCI also imposed a ban on both the players. After the ban, Pandya was sent home from the tour of Australia. Later the ban was lifted. Pandya became part of the team on New Zealand tour, while Rahul played for India-A. At the moment, Rahul is a part of the team and Hardik Pandya is out due to injury.