The talk around Mohammad Amir’s Test comeback at the Lord’s Cricket Ground has been whether tainted cricketers should be given a second chance or is it too serious a crime to be given a second life. A lot of current and former cricketers including England’s Kevin Pietersen have expressed their opinions. KP in his recent article for The Telegraph was clear that in his opinion anyone caught match or spot-fixing should be banned for life. Former South African wicketkeeper Mark Boucher tweeted to say that he completely agrees with Pietersen’s opinion. Mark Boucher tweeted :

“Any sportsman or woman caught match-fixing, spot-fixing or taking drugs should be banned for life. They have broken the rules, should pay the price and not be given a second chance,” KP wrote in his column.“If you cheat the system, either by taking drugs or money to underperform, then you are mugging the spectators, your team-mates and a sport that has been around a lot longer than you,” Added Pietersen.