Rishabh Pant Could Get Chance In The Third Test, Coach Shastri Said – Wait Till Match Day.

ravi shastri coach of team india

Young wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant, who convinced everyone with his talent in IPL, could be a part of the Indian Team in the third Test against England. Ravi Shastri, Coach of the Team, clearly said nothing in this regard on Thursday, but such speculation is being done by the way Rishabh appeared during the practice session. Shastri said that to know regarding this, wait till match day.

During the interaction with the media on Thursday, Ravi Shastri said, “You will come to know about Rishabh on the day of toss.” However, during practice on Thursday, it was seen that Dinesh Karthik was giving the ball to Rishabh several times in the wicketkeeping practice. In the first two Tests of Karthik, the batting performance was poor. Although his performance of the wicket was ok.

Shastri, in response to the questions, admitted that it was a big mistake to get on the field with two spinners in the Lords Test match. India lost the second Test match with 159 runs. After this defeat, Captain Virat Kohli also believed that the team combination was not correct. Indian coach said that instead of Chinaman Kuldeep Yadav, the option of another fast bowler was better. According to the circumstances in Lords, the team should have included another fast bowler. Just as things change in this match and like it rains, in such a situation, a fast bowler was a better option.

Shastri defended AJinkya Rahane, running the flop. He said that doing evil of Rahane is not right, because most of the team’s batsmen did not perform well. Rahane is the most important part of our team and will remain. On the fitness of Captain Virat, Shastri said that he is feeling better now than before. His health is improving. Virat batted effortlessly in the net practice.

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