Test Cricket Is The First Choice Of 86% Of Audiences, Believe This Is Best Format Of The Game

test cricket

Although T20 has increased throughout the world, still remains the first choice of 86% cricket fans around the world. These results have come out of a recent survey by the 232-year-old London-based Maryland Cricket Club (MCC). MCC is involved in deciding the rules related to sports in the International Cricket Council (ICC).

MCC conducted MCC test survey on more than 13 thousand people from 100 countries. As a result, 86% of the people still considered their priority to watch Test cricket and considered it the best form of cricket. Mike Gatting, president of the MCC World Cricket Committee, said that there is tremendous demand from day-night Test matches from Asian countries.

Kumar Sangakkara, also a former cricketer in the committee, said, “I was not surprised at this conclusion. Test cricket has always been the best format of the game. Its popularity remains intact.” The MCC committee includes former cricketers Sourav Ganguly, Ricky Ponting, and Shane Warne.

To increase the popularity of Test cricket, 3 solutions came out of the survey. First – Reduce the price of the tickets for the test, so that people can easily watch the match with the¬†family. Second – Increasing the test’s free-to-air TV broadcasts. Third- Applying Half-Day Ticket System for Test Match.