Virat Kohli’s performance and what it means for marketers and fans

Talking of Virats Kohli’s achievements has become the latest craze among all cricket commentators recently. He recently made a record beating all the legendary cricketers in the number of matches taken to make their first 15 one day international centuries. It is a great feat by the youngster indeed and requires some appreciation and recognition […]

India vs Zimbabwe – a contest of differences

As the series between India and Zimbabwe ends with favorable results for India, it must have been a good experience for the young team. Although it is a heartening to watch India win, this series was mostly one sided. Although the Indian team was comprised of mostly youngsters, they had got the momentum and confidence […]

Virat Kohli vs Mahendra Singh Dhoni – should we compare?

We have recently seen Virat Kohli captain the India ODI (One Day International) cricket team in 3 matches during the West Indies, Sri Lanka, and India Tri Series. India lost 2 matches captained by him and won the last match against West Indies. The captaincy has been handed over to Virat only because M S […]

Baby I fixed this over – hit a six if you want – some questions about Spot Fixing in IPL

Baby I fixed this over. Hit as many runs as you want now. This is exactly what Sreesantha must have been thinking in his mind while bowling with his towel hanging from his waist.  And similar must have been the thoughts of the other two Rajasthan Royals cricketers  Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila who have been […]

The charismatic Virender Sehwag – A review of his test cricket career

  Sehwag aka Veeru played his 100th test match today. However, he was bowled out by Monty Panesar after scoring 30 but he still has 2nd innings to make amends. Sehwag has truly lit up test cricket with his swashbuckling performances. Sehwag made his Test debut against South Africa in 2001, two years after his […]

Cricket Team Standings: A radical approach

The current system of making standings table We have at times witnessed a cricket team performing really well in a tournament and still bowing out owing to less number of total wins or may be due to a lower net run rate in case it is tied at the same number of points with another […]

The dilemma of flawed averages in Cricket

A batting average in cricket is simply the runs scored divided by the number of innings played. Remember only the innings in which a batsman got out are considered. Thus if a batsman scored 3203 runs in the 100 innings he played and he was not-out 20 times, will result in an average of 3203/80 […]

Cricketer performance analysis – Suresh Raina’s batting

Suresh Raina is one of the iconic Indian cricketers. He is an asset for the team – a good batsman, a great fielder and a handy bowler. This post will revisit Raina’s batting career in all the three formats of the game. The post will not access his bowling and fielding capabilities. He made his […]