Season of retirements, after Dravid, Punter has now exited the arena gracefully. Personally as a person bleeding blue, I am happy yet disappointed to see only 2 trademark pull shots from the great Aussie who defined aggression in his own way. Who can imagine a person winning over 100 test matches? Ponting has been on the winning side in 108 matches out of the 168 matches he has played so far. His overall average is 51.85, but he averages close to 60 in the matches won by Australia. He is second only to Sachin Tendulkar in the number of runs accumulated. That being said it brings the next question: When will Sachin Tendulkar retire?

Crossing my heart I confirm that I am writing this article not as an adherent Tendulkar fan but as a normal person. Sachin Tendulkar started his career way back in 1989 when not many who are calling for his retirement could even hold a broomstick properly leave alone a cricket bat. There were instances in the past where the great man’s career was thought to be over. During one of the England tour he was booed by his own home supporters. Just imagine who hard it is to hurt a person who has given it all for his nation. The amount of pride he takes in playing for his country was evident in the way he celebrated his 100th international ton pointing to the national flag.

I would like to draw an analogy to one of my most favorite sportsman from another sport ‘Pete Sampras’. After clinching his record 7th Wimbledon the man did not win a trophy for more than 2 years. His supporters stuck with him and for them he won the US Open and faded away silently. I expect nothing less than that from a man who is GOD to people belonging to the religion of Cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar hoisted by Indian team – WC 2011 victory

Brain Lara once said he doubts whether he would be able to carry the pressure of expectations from more than million (crossed billion now :P) people back home like Sachin has done over the years.  Sir Don Bradman not only agreed that his batting style matched with Tendulkar but also not sure whether he could have handled the amount of cricket being played these days to maintain such a high average. These great words from legends show the amount of respect the Little Champion from India deserves.

Just imagine the kind of pressure he is usually subjected to? Every action he does is being brought under the microscope whether it is his reaction to getting out or selling his Ferrari. He has sacrificed his personal life altogether. What he has done to this nation was rightly put by Kohli after the WC triumph:

“He carried the nation for so long on his shoulders and now it is time for us to carry him on our shoulders.”

If he is a burden for you guys (critics), leave the man on the ground, the great man will rise again like a phoenix, like a horse, for me he is not dead to be reborn, he shall rise again and reach his end. The horse knows when to stop and his LEG know which is END. Leave the LEGEND alone.

The article has been contributed by a die hard Sachin fan – Karthic Srinivaas

Karthic Srinivaas
Tendulkar fan – Karthic Srinivaas

His Facebook profile: Karthic Srinivaas

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