In a cricket game, we are usually so much attached to end result that not much importance is given to the loosing team. Similar trend is followed for giving out the Man of the Match awards. The MoM award is usually given to a player of the winning team. However, if there is an exemplary performance by a player of the loosing team, then he might be considered for the award. At times, the MoM award is also shared between two players, one from each team.

The post looks at the those players who have won the maximum percent of MoM awards when their team has lost the match.

ODI Cricket:

Sachin Tendulkar leads the chart with 6 MoM awards. But he has been a part of 200 ODIs which India has lost. The winner of this category is TLW Cooper from Netherlands. He has been a part of 17 matches which Netherlands lost and won the MoM award 3 times. Great ratio!! The following chart plots the MoM awards/Matches played being on the loosing side. A criteria of having won at-least 3 MoM awards is considered.

A graph to show the ratio of Man of the Match awards to the matches played being on the loosing side.

More about TLW Cooper:

Test cricket:

In tests, Sachin Tendulkar, Wasim Akram and Mohammad Ashraful have been awarded MoM 3 times despite being ending on the loosing side. However, the winner in this category with the best ratio is JR Ratnayeke from Sri Lanka. He has won the MoM award 2 times and been a part of 12 lost test matches. A criteria of minimum 2 MoM awards is used for the comparison.


More about JR Ratnayeke:

I would like to end this post with a salute to these unsung heroes /\


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