Sanjay Bangar Told About What Makes Virat Kohli The Most Special?

virat kohli

Assistant coach of Sanjay Bangar believes that in order to consistently perform well, the captain has raised the level of his game so many times that the performance of his fellow players is not particularly special. Kohli scored 123 runs in 95 balls in the third one-day against Australia, but India lost by 32 runs.

Kohli has scored two centuries and a score of more than 40 in the series against Australia. Bangar said, “It is not that we are dependent on the same player but Virat has raised the level of his game so that many times others do not even look good.” Asked what makes Kohli special, Bangar said that he is constantly trying to perform well.

He said, ‘He is constantly trying to improve his performance and do it regularly. That is why the level of his game is so high. Kohli’s performance in the pursuit of a big goal has been excellent. Bangar said, “When he was batting, it seemed that we would achieve the goal. Winning toss also chose to field, so that the aspect of the dew was in the mind.”

He said, “The fielders said this because yesterday was very dew but it was not so in this match. The goal was getting difficult to achieve. If Virat would have played for more time and we do not come under pressure.”