The master hangs his boots!

Sachin Tendulkar, today announced retirement from ODI cricket. It came as a surprise to all his cricket fans throughout the world. Sachin’s retirement was on cards but the announcement came in an unexpected fashion. We all hoped to see him play in the ODI series against Pakistan. Probably, the man will also retire from test cricket after the […]

A fresh start for team India

Finally, something to cheer for the Indian fans. India was able to make the head to head T20 stats against England 3-3. India went into the game with high pressure, specially after the ghost of the dismal test series behind them. Team India had to start afresh, start positively and they were able to do […]

India lifts T20 World Cup for blind

Indian team in a jubilant mood after defeating Pakistan in the finals of the the inaugural T20 World Cup for blind. The match was played at Bangalore. India had only lost to Pakistan in the group stage and thrashed Sri Lanka in the semifinal. Pakistan had thrashed England by nine wickets in the semifinals. In the recent […]

Sachin Tendulkar The “Leg”end

Season of retirements, after Dravid, Punter has now exited the arena gracefully. Personally as a person bleeding blue, I am happy yet disappointed to see only 2 trademark pull shots from the great Aussie who defined aggression in his own way. Who can imagine a person winning over 100 test matches? Ponting has been on […]

India retains the losing team for Kolkata test match

  Indian team was announced today for the 3rd test match at Kolkata among a lot of speculations. There were many talks if Bhajji should be dropped, Irfan Pathan given a chance? But team India decided to pick the same team which had lost by 10 wickets in Mumbai. The team is as follows: MS […]

Sachin’s last Test series!? Is the legend going to retire?

India takes on England for the 1st test match tomorrow (15th Nov) at Ahmedabad. Indian fans will surely cheer for team India. But there is something extra which keeps this series exciting, there is a fear that this series might be master blaster’s last Test series. Will this series mark an end to the 23 […]

Cricket, baseball and tennis!

Can you think of some similarities between cricket, baseball and lawn tennis? Probably they are all played with balls and bats/rackets, all require good reactions etc. Anything else? Well, there is a beautiful correlation between these three sports. Let us have a look at cricket. A cricket pitch is 22 yards i.e. close to 20 […]

You might have won the game, could not win our hearts…

Winning and losing does not matter if you play your heart out. India has exited the world T20, but it is by no means a heroes exit. Dhoni might boast that team India won 4 out 5 T20’s in the World Cup and cannot control the outcome of other matches, but in reality team India […]

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