Benchmark: Sachin Tendulkar vs Virat Kohli Infographic

As I mentioned in my last article on Virat kohli’s performance and comparisons to the cricketing legends, it has become inevitable to compare his performances to those of Sachin Tendulkar. There are many factors that can be considered to compare their performances. Factor like the number of total runs made in equal number of matches, […]

Virat Kohli’s performance and what it means for marketers and fans

Talking of Virats Kohli’s achievements has become the latest craze among all cricket commentators recently. He recently made a record beating all the legendary cricketers in the number of matches taken to make their first 15 one day international centuries. It is a great feat by the youngster indeed and requires some appreciation and recognition […]

The master hangs his boots!

Sachin Tendulkar, today announced retirement from ODI cricket. It came as a surprise to all his cricket fans throughout the world. Sachin’s retirement was on cards but the announcement came in an unexpected fashion. We all hoped to see him play in the ODI series against Pakistan. Probably, the man will also retire from test cricket after the […]

Sachin Tendulkar The “Leg”end

Season of retirements, after Dravid, Punter has now exited the arena gracefully. Personally as a person bleeding blue, I am happy yet disappointed to see only 2 trademark pull shots from the great Aussie who defined aggression in his own way. Who can imagine a person winning over 100 test matches? Ponting has been on […]

Sachin’s last Test series!? Is the legend going to retire?

India takes on England for the 1st test match tomorrow (15th Nov) at Ahmedabad. Indian fans will surely cheer for team India. But there is something extra which keeps this series exciting, there is a fear that this series might be master blaster’s last Test series. Will this series mark an end to the 23 […]

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